My 4 year old son had gone to 4 different swim lessons which included group lessons and one on one lessons and he really didn’t like putting his face in the water. That is until we found Andrew’s Swim School. Within the first 5 seconds – you read that right, the first 5 seconds of Alex’s first lesson with Andrew, Alex was putting his face in the water!!!!  We couldn’t believe our eyes. He practiced blowing bubbles and then Andrew showed Alex what to and he did it! Andrew is really good at explaining to the child what is expected of them. He demonstrates what he wants the child to do. No surprises meant that Alex could trust Andrew right away, and trust is exactly what Alex needed to have in order to learn how to swim.
Andrew has a way with children like no other swim instructor that I have ever met. He is firm, and yet patient at the same time. He would often talk to Alex about his day and they got to really know each other which put Alex  at ease. It was evident that Andrew had been working with children for a long time.
I feel that there  a fine line between pushing the child to improve  on skills, and knowing when to step back a bit so not to put fears into the child. Andrew knows exactly that line and pushes just enough.
After the first 3 week session with Andrew we saw such improvement that we signed Alex up for 2 more sessions right away. This summer Alex went from being afraid of putting his head in the water, into a fish! He is able to jump in, swim to the other side, take breaths, float on his back, and dive for rings. The improvement is incredible and we owe it all to Andrew. We HIGHLY recommend Andrew’s swim school to any child at any swim level. –Jennifer P.


I wanted to write about our experience with this marvelous man. Our daughter, who is 5, has always loved the water, but she was definitely not water proofed. With a pool in our backyard, I worried about her around the water. She had previously taken a number of swim classes at the local parks and rec pool. While they tried, the instructors are teenagers and did not know how to deal with the kids, so they had a great time playing in the water, but no advancement happened until we found Andrew through a friend. In the first lesson, our daughter was putting her face in the water for a prolonged period of  time and by the end of 9 lessons, she could swim across the pool. Now, at the end of 3 sessions, she can swim freestyle across the length of the pool, turn her head to breathe and float on her back. She is even working toward backstroke and flip turns. I know that this progress is due to the patience and firmness that Andrew has with his students, he does not let them do things wrong, he corrects them immediately and reinforces the correct form. We are looking forward to many years of learning with Andrew. I would be happy to provide more information if needed. You will never be sorry about investing your time and money with him! – Janice M.


Andrew is an amazing swim teacher. My son hated putting his face in the water; the slightest speckle of water would agitate him! Once he started lessons with Andrew, he was putting his face in and holding his breath longer than he (and I) ever thought he would! By lesson 5, my son was swimming half the  width of the pool on his own. What an awesome teacher Andrew is! Bring your child to Andrew…he communicates so well with the kids and gets them past their fears and hesitations so that they can really enjoy being in the water and do what they need to do ever needed to survive in it. – Teddy’s Mom